When was the last time you looked at your house--I mean REALLY looked at your house? If you are considering selling your home, it pays to take a real hard look at your house with “Buyer’s Eyes.” Get in your car, drive down the street, turn around and come into your driveway. What do you see? Curb Appeal--do your bushes need trimming? Does the lawn need to be edged? Could you use some landscape lights or some more mulch in the beds? Could your house use a coat of paint, some new trim or just a new doorbell? Now go in the front door. What do you see? Clutter--I can easily say that every house I have ever previewed prior to listing has clutter in it! Now don’t get mad, clutter to the buyer includes things like pictures of your cat or kids, mementos of trips, baskets of “stuff”, decorations that suit your taste and basically everything that makes your house a home. You do not have to remove all of this and make a sterile living area, however, you do need to pare down some. Walk around. What do you see? Maintenance and cleaning -- have you been waiting to fix that handle on the shower? Are your floors swept, even under the couch? Are your baseboards and doors clean (I KNOW--who cleans their doors--you if you want to get the highest price on your home sale!) Are there magnets on the fridge? Is your garage spotless and clutter free too? I can tell you without a doubt that clean homes command a higher price and sell in a shorter time than even normally okay homes. This is because buyers need to be able to picture themselves and their stuff in your house and that is SO much easier to do if it is immaculate from floor to ceiling! I ask all of my clients to think about how they feel and what they look for when they stay at a hotel. I think it is safe to say we all want a super clean room and we find it acceptable and comforting to be in a well-maintained facility. This is the kind of feeling you want a prospective buyer to have when they walk through the front door. If you would like a free consultation on things to do to improve your home for sale, give Lindsey Realty a call at 318.990.2737.