License to Shop


Since this is an incredible time for buyers to shop for homes in Shreveport-Bossier, I am passing on a a few tips to help all of you prepare to enter the lending arena. First, work on your credit score! Today, a FICO between 680 and 720 is fair. A very good score is 760 or above. Review your credit report line by line as there may be errors which impact you. Pay all of your bills on time and don’t cancel any credit cards or make any new purchases. Before you even look at homes, the mortgage pre-approval is critical! Using online mortgage calculators are a decent guideline but every borrower is different and you may not be taking into account all of the items that make up that monthly note, i.e. homeowners insurance premium, mortgage insurance premium, and property tax. In the hands of a reputable lender you will be assessed appropriately and will be able to look at homes with a realistic “license to shop!” Call me today so I can help you connect with area lenders who represent financing programs unique to your circumstances, whether a first-time homebuyer, a professional or a veteran.